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Sunnysoft InterWrite 10 Standard Arabic, PL,CZ - Motorola MC55 / MC75 / MC95

Sunnysoft InterWrite 10 Standard Arabic, PL,CZ - Motorola MC55 / MC75 / MC95 Screenshot

MOTOROLA STANDARD localization for your Motorola MC55, MC75 and MC95 devices. InterWrite Standard localizes standard system parts of these Motorola devices. Please test the application on your device before purchase.

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Current Version


Release Date

1. 7. 2012

Operating System

Windows Mobile 6.5 (6.5.3)


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Standard Price

29.95 USD


Software Features

8 keyboard layouts

Sunnysoft InterWrite Keyboard (IWK) works in eight modes to deliver you the best user experience. You can use the entire screen area to type text with your fingers in Fullscreen, be sure with SMS with Phone keyboard or TapUp, be accurate with great Modern keyboard or stylus-friendly Classic keyboard and write down numbers with three special numpad layouts.

Too complicated for you particular needs? No problem. Just uncheck the box and use only your favorite layout(s)!

IWK has passed a good deal of usability testing as well.


IWK provides accessibility features such as key-press visual feedback. The visual feedback is provided for key taps even while moving your finger on keys around the target zone.

SmartChoice menu

Unique features Sunnysoft InterWrite Keyboard is a graphical fullscreen menu accessible via Fn button, which is available on  any keyboard.

After pressing the Fn button, you will see the Features menu opened, thru which you can comfortably use all the advanced features of IWK. Check product webpage at

The second tab of SmartChoice: the keyboard layouts, thru which you can quickly select the desired keyboard: comfortable for larger quantity of text, with big buttons for text messages or numeric one for Excel Mobile...

The third tab of SmartChoice: programs. Here you can simply add any application installed in the PDA and launch it from anywhere where you new IWK is accessible.

App Assign

Another special feature of IWK is the ability to assign specific keyboard layout to a specific application. You are able set up different keyboard to use for Word, Excel, for text messages, the Internet browser, IM, etc. Each time the application starts, you will get your pre-defined keyboard.

Setup is done simply through a SmartChoice menu: you have to run the application, and then via keyboard Fn key run SmartChoice and press Assign App.

Note: Assign can be changed any time through the IWK settings.

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