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Sunnysoft InterWrite Standard 9.0

Application that localizes all standard parts of Microsoft Windows Mobile system. It also includes support for writing special characters for over 50 national languages. . The keyboard layout is available for over 50 countries and languages while several layouts can be used simultaneously. Support for hardware keyboards, added functions such as screen capture button and more. Sunnysoft InterWrite Standard 9.0 Screenshot


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Current Version


Release Date

June 2006 

Operating System

Windows Mobile 5- versions 9.x
Windows Mobile 2003 SE- versions 9 and 8.x
Windows Mobile 2003- versions 8.x 
Windows Mobile 2002- versions 7.x


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$29.95 USD

Main features

  • OS recognition and automatic localization of standard system parts to several languages
  • Changes local settings according to chosen language
  • Over 50 national keyboard layouts displaying national characters
  • possibility to integrate fullscreen keyboard (click here for trial upgrade, unsuitable for square diaplay!)
  • Simultaneous use of various national keyboards and quick interchangeability
  • Screen capture button
  • Dictionary for automatic word completion in native language (predefined only for selected languages)
  • Helping with correct conversion of mobile doc types PSW, PWI,RTF to PC
  • Support for external hardware keyboards
  • Color keyboard with 3D look
  • character map
  • keyboard skins

Description of add-on functions

  • Fullscreen key- key to launch fullscreen keyboard located on the left of the space key (from version 9.5)
  • Esc - an ideal button for closing dialogues
  • 123 - swich to numeric part of the keyboard
  • AltGr - swich to special characters and symbols
  • Fast Reset - combine Ctrl+Alt+Del to softreset your PDA
  • Capture(button next to Space) - press button to create screenshot, the file is saved to customer predefined directory in 3 seconds( tap Keyboard functions)
  • 'Sticky' Shift - double tap Shift to switch to alphanumeric keyboard with capital letters
  • CoverKey - press Ctrl+Shift on external keyboard to hide software keyboard, press again to revert action
  • Autorepeat - hold down stylus on any key to repeat letter
  • Gestures - use gestures to make typing smoother and easier
  • RunCalc -press calculator button to launch internal calculator and define your own calculator in settings of localization (tap Numeric keyboard)
  • NumPadExtra - keyboard is automaticaly extended with a numpad in VGA resolution

User tips

  • Use the character map for typing special characters
  • For easy transfer of documents between your PDA and Desktop PC - we recommend RTF format for best conversion results

Gestures for CS characters

  • Use hardware keyboards with and ease with InterWrite.
  • Helps you type faster. To delete a word from the dictionary just hold down the stylus on the word and tap delete.

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